Town Branch Trail


Envision a pedestrian trail that connects downtown Lexington with the Bluegrass countryside. A trail that takes you from the urban core into Kentucky's cherished agricultural landscape. You will visit limestone springs, early distilleries, and discover Lexington's historic waterway, Town Branch of the Elkhorn.

Town Branch Trail proposes a ‘shared-use’ trail that will connect Downtown Lexington with its world-famous equine landscape via area neighborhoods, parks, and historic sites as it follows the westward course of Lexington’s historic waterway, the Town Branch of Elkhorn Creek along whose banks Lexington was founded in 1779. The trail is a significant component of Lexington’s Town Branch Commons and it seeks to transform neglected or underutilized urban areas along our historic creek into a landscape trail that will serve among other things: recreation, commuting, the environment, tourism, and economic development.

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Town Branch Trail Quick Facts

  • 3.2 mile walking, jogging, and cycling trail
  • Bridges the gap between two major trails
  • Creates 22 miles of uninterrupted trail in Fayette County
  • Fully funded by federal, state, & city dollars
  • LFUCG leading effort
  • Construction began in Spring 2018


For  questions about Town Branch Trail please contact Mayor's Office Director of Project Management, Brandi Peacher here