Boone Proffitt

boone Proffitt.png

Boone Proffitt is a 2018 civil engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky. He currently lives and works in Lexington for Arcadis, a global firm specializing in design, planning, and consulting for natural and built assets. As a Water Engineer, Boone primarily works on stream restoration and renewable energy projects for public and private clients around the United States. He has also provided urban planning, sustainability, and strategic consulting for projects professionally and through community organizations since 2014.

Boone became an engineer to design projects that positively impact lives. He believes Town Branch Park aligns with this passion because it will integrate nature into daily life in uniquely personal ways as it evolves into Lexington’s green living room.

My favorite childhood park memories come from Saturday mornings growing up, when my family and I would take our dog for long walks in Louisville’s parks. It didn’t matter if it was raining, snowing, or humid – Saturday morning meant a walk in a different park. This became a time when my family could gather without distraction at the end of the week and just enjoy life. We’d finish these marathon hikes exhausted and the dog would be muddy (usually from jumping into the Ohio River), but we’d return home happy because we immersed ourselves in nature together.