Anna Baskin


Anna Baskin is a junior in Henry Clay’s Liberal Arts Academy. Her interests include orchestra, horse riding, Spanish, and books, and she currently serves as an engaged member of the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council’s Urban Gardening and Community Outreach committees. Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council (BYSC) is a coalition of high schoolers across Fayette County promoting sustainability in Lexington through student-driven projects like the rain barrel, urban forestry, storm drain mural, and energy audit initiatives. She herself has helped organize the Student Sustainability Leadership Academy, a three day event for students to learn about sustainability initiatives in business and politics. Anna hopes to bring a sustainability focus and youth perspective to the Town Branch Partners.

I wanted to be a part of Town Branch Partners to offer a teenager’s perspective. Teens can’t go play on the playground, and they aren’t typically attracted to the “adult” attractions like exercise classes and classical music concerts. It’s like we grow out of parks, and then mature back into them, leaving lost years where parks are unimportant. I’d like to see design that encourages teens to return to parks - study space, sports areas, access to technology, and programming for teens. I remember years ago, sitting in the grass with friends, weaving dandelion crowns while our parents watched from picnic blankets. I’d love a park that can not just recapture that joy of youth, and not just bring serenity to adults, but also generate excitement in an overlooked generation of teenagers.